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About Homey

HOMEY is a China-based home appliance brand principally engaged in innovations, research and sales development ofcreative Domestic Appliances.

Our Quality products make cooking simpler and life easier.Every day we are focused to fight for improvement and make sustainable products connecting every home needs.

With our products, elegant & sophisticated design, superior performance, we enhance consumer experience that exceeds expectations.

Company Strategy

Engage and provide product to changing taste of consumers and the continuously evolving lifestyle.

Strategic planning in producing goods and services that are equipped with advance technology and fit into the Middle east and African market. Capital Investment for R & D to support the development of the new generation devices in meeting the increasing consumer requirements. Focused leadership to reduce cost and produce high quality sustainable products for the mass market.

Create domestic appliance that combines high performance, top quality and premium design.

Vision and mission

Provide and develop innovative and high-quality products, which offer the best value for making consumers life easy.

To be world-class sustainable appliances product brand connecting every home needs.

Tailoring products with increase in service for regional market and specific consumers.